Don’t let your loved ones in senior homes miss a moment

Kindred makes it easy to upload, print and send your digital photos in a monthly photo journal. Share your special moments in a physical journal that your loved ones can hold and cherish.

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Share Effortlessly

Step 1.

Sign up, invite your family and start sharing photos and personalized messages.

Step 2.

Each month, we print your photos and messages into a beautiful photo journal.

Step 3.

We deliver your photo journal directly to your loved one to enjoy!

Connect Meaningfully

Never Lose Touch

When our loved ones transition into senior homes, many lose touch with family members. Kindred helps you maintain your intimate connections with an easy to use app, created to remind your parents or grandparents that you're thinking of them.

Make Your Moments Last

Our monthly photo journals help bring your older relatives lasting joy by sharing your family's biggest occasions and everyday moments in a physical journal with large, easy-to-read captions and photos.

Bridge the Distance

More and more families live away from each other. With Kindred, friends and family are able to easily share photos and messages in a few simple clicks, making sure their loved ones are part of their lives no matter how far.