Are Your Senior Family Members Missing Out On Special Moments?

Searching for a meaningful and heartfelt way to connect with your beloved family members in senior homes? Look no further! Kindred is here to help you bridge the distance with our exclusive monthly photo book subscription service.

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Share Effortlessly

Step 1.

Sign up, invite your family and start sharing photos and personalized messages.

Step 2.

Each month, we print your photos and messages into a beautiful photo book.

Step 3.

We deliver your photo book directly to your loved one to enjoy!

Connect Meaningfully

Never Lose Touch

With Kindred, you can capture the essence of your family's adventures, celebrations, and milestones in a beautifully designed photo book. Our user-friendly platform makes the entire process effortless and enjoyable, ensuring your memories are preserved in a tangible and meaningful way.

Make Your Moments Last

Imagine the delight on your loved one's face as they receive their personalized photo book, filled with images and messages that warm their heart. They can flip through the pages, experience special moments and feel the love from their family. Our high-quality printing guarantees a stunning keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Bridge the Distance

By subscribing to Kindred, you ensure a regular and uninterrupted flow of love and connection. No matter the distance, you can be there for your loved ones every month, sharing precious memories and celebrating life's milestones together. Each time they turn the pages, they'll be transported to special moments and feel your presence by their side.